Lucky You Ambassador Program

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Join the Lucky You Ambassador Team.  Help Spread Joy while earning 15% of every order.  It’s super easy to participate!

This is how it the program works…

  1. Lucky You will provide you with your own personal link and/or code. This link/code will allow your customers to purchase a Lucky You though the Lucky You website and give you credit for each sale.

You will also be able to login to your account and see all of the following:

  • Track all your sales
  • Track your earnings and payments
  • Receive marketing information
  • Update your account
  • Access to generate your own links to pages within the Lucky You website
  1. Every month Lucky You will send you a check for 15% of all your sales.  This adds up quickly.

Our commitment to you…

  1. Every week Lucky You will provide you with social media posts that you can repost on your social media accounts.  Also, feel free to post on your own. Use your creativity – it’s fun to Spread Joy!
  2. Lucky You will provide you with weekly emails with which you can attach your personal link/code and forward to your community.
  3. Every week Lucky You will send an Ambassadors only email which will contain information on how to promote Lucky You, highlight Ambassadors, fun stories, competitions and more.
  4. Lucky You will send you an arrangement every month to help you promote Lucky You as an Ambassador. The monthly arrangement can be used for photos, videos or to Spread Joy by giving to someone else.
  5. Every month Lucky You will send you a check for 15% of all your sales.
  6. Upon approval of your Ambassador program, you give Lucky You permission to send you emails containing pertinent Lucky You information

Your commitment to Lucky You…

  1. Re-post Lucky You pictures on your social media accounts 2-3 times per week. It’s amazing how quickly your customer base will grow.
  2. Forward the Lucky You weekly email to your community. People love to hear about what’s going on.
  3. Incorporate Lucky You and your link/code into your website, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, You Tube, emails– everywhere. Don’t forget word of mouth – Good news travels fast.
  4. Spread Joy!

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