About Lucky You Flowers

About Lucky You:

CW Resources is the proud new owners of Lucky You Flowers. CWR purchased Lucky You Flowers from Amy at the end of 2023 to provide new job opportunities for the people we serve. We are grateful to Amy and her team for her support during the transition while we learned the business and trained people with disabilities to maintain the same great product that people have come to love.

CWR is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing employment services for people with disabilities since 1964. 100% of net proceeds go back to CWR’s mission. To learn more about us visit www.cwresources.org.

A little bit about the founder, Amy.

Amy has been working in the floral industry for years. She has always had a love for flowers and especially the love and joy they bring to others. Her goal was to make sending flowers simple, affordable, sustainable, and an everyday occasion.

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