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Our Unique Lucky You Flower Arrangements come in an adorable take out box with your personal message tucked inside a fortune cookie!

Send a Lucky You Fresh Flower Arrangement Today!

When your unique Lucky You Flowers are delivered they will arrive in an adorable take out box.  Your personal message will be tucked inside a fortune cookie! Only $34.99 with FREE Shipping Nationwide!

  • 🌺 Only $34.99
  • 🌺 FREE Shipping - Nationwide
  • 🌺 Fresh Long Lasting Flowers
  • 🌺 Personalized Message Tucked inside in a Fortune Cookie

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Each Lucky You Flower Arrangement Contains a Personalized Fortune Cookie

Our unique floral arrangement comes in an adorable take out box with your message tucked in a fortune cookie.

Delivered Via UPS or FedEx

Lucky You Flowers are gift wrapped and arrive directly at the home or office via UPS or FedEx.  Our beautiful floral arrangements arrive in 1 to 3 days depending on location.

Lucky You Flowers are Long Lasting and Professionally Arranged

Each flower arrangement is professionally arranged and is super long-lasting, no care is required.  After a few weeks, just toss it in the recycling bin.

Great For Every Day, Every Month, Every Quarter or just 3 months.

Make someone smile today. Lucky you Flowers are Great for all occasions or no occasion at all.  Spread some Joy!

Want to make someone smile more than just once, subscribe to send them Lucky You Flowers every month, seasonally, or for 3 months in a row.

Lucky You Flowers – Give Back Program

Send Joy while earning 15% of every Lucky You Flowers order for your organization! It’s super easy to participate!

About Lucky You Flowers

Amy – Owner
Amy, the founder of Lucky You has been working in the floral industry for years.  She has always had a love for flowers and especially the love and joy they bring to others. Her goal is to make sending flowers simple, affordable, sustainable, and an everyday occasion.

Lucky You sources flowers locally to be able to provide the freshest seasonal flowers available. Each arrangement is created by a professional designer with the goal of sending Joy – nationwide.

Inspired by a lifelong love of nature and design, Amy received her graduate degree from Harvard’s Landscape Institute and Boston Architectural College. She also serves on the board of The Garden Club of Hartford and the Chappaquiddick Community Center. She created Lucky You in 2018 and it is continuing to bloom, grow, and spread Joy every day!

Laura – Head Designer
Laura has been designing at Lucky You for 2 years. She has love of flowers and years of experience in creating gorgeous floral arrangements for all occasions. Laura is a perfectionist when it comes to balance and color. Her hard work and innate design talent make Lucky You arrangements fun, colorful, and perfectly designed.

Lynne – Processing/Quality Expert
Lynne has been with Lucky You for 2 years. She expertly receives each Lucky You order and makes sure it gets to its new home safely and in a timely manner. She checks every Lucky You to make sure it meets our high-quality standards and has been known to jump to the design side whenever needed.

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What types of flowers are they?

The flowers are selected by season and freshness.  Above all, every arrangement is professionally designed and  unique!

Is each flower arrangement the same?

Because our flower arrangements are handcrafted by a professional designer – every arrangement is gorgeous and unique.

How fast will they ship?

Lucky You ships free of charge via UPS or FedEx. Therefore, depending on your location the fresh flowers will arrived within 1-3 days.

Can they be returned?

If you are unhappy, we are unhappy.  Please Contact Us immediately.  Above all, we want to make you happy.

How are they delivered?

Our fresh flower arrangements are delivered via UPS– right to your home or office

How long do they last and how do I care for them?

Most flower arrangements last at least a week.  Some even longer!

Will they freeze in my mailbox?

Hopefully not, we take all precautions to prevent freezing from occurring, but Mother Nature is unpredictable.  If you are unhappy, just let us know.

Can I custom order an arrangement?

Yes, of course.  Just drop us a line.

Can I send someone an flower arrangement every month?

Yes, of course.  Click here to create a subscription to Lucky You and send someone a beautiful flower arrangement every month throughout the year,  4 times a year or for just 3 months.

How can I send more than one Lucky You Flowers arrangement?

Please submit each order separately.  This will allow us to customize your order and make sure the right message and arrangement get to the right person.  After completing your first order follow the link to place another order.